The Trails

Foyle Trail`s specially researched and most popular outdoor experiences/tours are outlined below.

Folk Ways and Rituals our Hidden Heritage

We have no wide prairies nor great forests of native pine.   (From Bogland by Seamus Heaney)                                              

We do however, have ancient landscapes full of myths and stories that have survived from pre – historic times. On this experiential tour you will discover the stories behind sacrificial Bog Body sites and the ritual significance of Giant`s Graves and Standing Stones from expert local guide Martin Bradley. Explore pagan sites that are rich in local folk lore where even the history of how, these ancient sites have survived for over two thousand years make fascinating tales on their own. As you travel Martin will help you  experience Primeval Bogs and bring you to Pagan Wells and Fairy Trees where you will discover the myths, legends and stories behind these sacred sites.

On this tour visitors will enjoy unique story telling experiences where archaeology, folklore and nature are combined to provide fascinating insights that help explain the origins of many of NW Ireland`s cultural traditions.

A 7 hour mini bus/walking tour out of Derry/Londonderry, with a one hour stop for lunch.

Prices from £55 per person

Minimum 2 – Maximum 10 participants. Groups of 4 or more please book 7 days in advance.

Please Note: To make the most of each experience Martin`s tours require a moderate amount of walking. The wearing of  outdoor boots and clothing are essential in our changeable climate. 


Discover it’s Celtic Archaeology, Mythology and Plant Lore.

A Cultural Experience and Slow Adventure that explores the origins and survival of Samhain “Halloween” the Festival that marks the beginning of winter and the Celtic New Year.  As a cultural phenomenon Samhain has evolved and been celebrated in the Irish Countryside for at least 2,000 years. Today many of the sites and habitats associated with the festival now known as Halloween lie dormant in the countryside surrounding Derry, waiting for their “stories to be told”. 

This entertaining and informative experience provides visitors with enthralling insights and stories associated with ancient – giant`s graves, stone circles, standing stones and sacrificial wetland sites. Visitors will also discover pagan wells, sacred trees and learn some Irish plant lore, even discover how our vampire (parasitic) plants have evolved.

  • A small group experience    Maximum 10 participants – Minimum 2 participants.
  • Exploration requires a moderate amount of walking across wet terrain (hiking/waterproof footwear essential).
  • Experience available through the year – not just October.  Suitable for over 16 year olds only.

Discover Dart Mountain

Enjoy a fascinating minibus and walking tour that explores the ritual landscapes of Dart Mountain in the scenic Sperrin Mountains and the art of craft cheese production. This informative and entertaining tour combines the talents of a highly knowledgeable countryside guide and those of an expert craft cheese producer. Our Discover Dart Mountain tour brings you to a number of ancient sites and habitats to discover Giant`s graves, Standing stones, Fairy forts and trees and Celtic plant lore. Another tour highlight is an insightful visit to the Dart Mountain artisan cheese facility, followed by a delightful Cheese lunch in the adjacent Tamnagh Lodge.

  • Tour Duration: 7hrs
  • Minimum group  6
  • Maximum group 10
  • Over 16 Year Olds
  • Please book at least 7 days in advance.