Guided Landscape and Countryside
tours in the North West of Ireland


Foyle Trails provides guided minibus/walking tours that are entertaining and informative and designed to give discerning visitors unique insights into the ritual landscapes and habitats that surround Derry/Londonderry..
Our day excursions explore fascinating pre-historic ritual locations and ancient natural habitats, several of these still retain their sacred significance. Our days out in Northern Ireland give visitors giant experiences in landscapes that are off the beaten track and well away from the usual tourist hot spots. Landscapes in which many examples of Northern Ireland`s and colourful rural folklore and traditions survive. 



Foyle Trails provide a selection of walking tours and experiences that travel out from Derry/Londonderry to explore many of County Derry, County Tyrone and County Donegal`s most scenic areas. Visitors will hear stories about unique and unusual aspects of this region`s cultural and natural heritage.

Discover – Celtic forts, medieval sweat houses, megalithic tombs  explore stone circles, ritual bogs and primeval Celtic forests.