Tours and experiences in Counties Tyrone and Derry/Londonderry.

” Embrace the Giant Spirit”


Foyle Trails provides guided driving/walking tours that are both informative and entertaining and are designed to give discerning visitors unique insights into the best ritual landscapes and habitats in North Tyrone and the Sperrins.
My guided tours/experiences explore fascinating pre-historic ritual locations and ancient natural habitats. Several of the pre-historic sites and ancient habitats still retain their sacred significance. My tours/experiences give visitors the opportunity to discover landscapes and sites that are off the beaten track and well away from crowded “tourism hot spots”.  Hidden locations where numerous examples of  Ireland`s rich and colourful rural folklore and traditions continue to survive. 



Foyle Trails has moved beyond sustainable tourism to  provide  regenerative tourism experiences specifically for small group and incentive tour operators. Because of my extensive knowledge of the environments and ecology of the Foyle Region I can readily create group experiences that make a contribution to the regeneration of our habitats. Significantly – by doing some light, hands on work your group can, in a small way,  contribute to atmospheric carbon capture and biodiversity enhancement.  To be honest I only recently realised that this specialist knowledge is something that few other tourist experience providers in Northern Ireland or for that matter the island of Ireland can provide.   So in this era of climate change and mass tourism questioning,  I invite small group and incentive tour operators to feel free to contact Foyle Trails to chat about the regenerative experiences that I can provide.